• Breaking in your product...

    Breaking in your product...

    These natural-fibre textiles are handwoven from high quality, unprocessed cottons and bamboo and therefore contain some proteins that are water repellent. Some of our products therefore require a small period of ‘breaking in’ to reveal their true softness and increase their absorbency.

    HOW: We recommend 2-3 washes at 40 degrees. Alternatively, pre-soak over night (for optimal results, include a natural fabric softener) followed with a gentle wash cycle before hanging to dry.

    This soaking process allows the threads to fully hydrate and plump and in turn, increases the absorbency of the towel. The towels will become even better over time increasing in both softness and absorbency.

  • For our handwoven baby blankets...

    For our handwoven baby blankets...

    If you have accidentally tumble dried your blanket and tightened its weave, no problem. Here are 2 easy tips to restore it to its original texture and size:

    1. Give it a good steam iron to help relax the weave

    2. Soak the blanket in a sink of lukewarm water with fabric softener for 3-4 hours and run it through another delicate wash cycle followed by a delicate tumble dry on a low heat.

    The fabric softener soak should loosen the weave up and bring it back to its original texture and size.

  • For our stonewashed towels...

    For our stonewashed towels...

    We strongly encourage a pre-soak in cold water for 4-6 hours followed by a cold-water wash and line dry. Tumble drying on a delicate setting is also fine and will assist in the ‘breaking in’ of your towels.

    Please note, dryer usage can often contribute to a slight shrinkage of cotton textiles so use a delicate heat setting.

  • Loose tassles?

    Loose tassles?

    Don’t worry, this can happen and they are very easy to fix. Just follow these instructions:

    1. Divide the thread into 2 equal sections.

    2. Twist each piece clockwise.

    3. Now twist them together in a counter-clockwise direction.

    4. Lastly, knot them together tightly at the end.

  • Fabric softener top tip

    Fabric softener top tip

    Avoid using strong fabric softeners. These leave residue over time and can have a negative effect on the longevity of your product.

    Rather opt for a natural softener, or add a cup of vinegar to your wash every 6-8 weeks to break down any residues that accumulate on the product.

  • For our picnic kilims...

    For our picnic kilims...

    So easy....pop the kilim in the washing maching on a cold wash (30 degrees). Allow to air dry.

    Avoid a hot wash or the tumble dryer as this will cause the fibres of the top weave to open up further and the waterproof backing to stay the same. This will result in the 2 layers no longer sitting flush against one another.

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